New Ozma Report/Interview

The Asahi Shimbun newspaper released a report and interview on Ozma yesterday.  The anime airs tomorrow!!  Here’s a translation of the article, the original is [here].  The reporter is Kenji Oda.

An Anime that seeks the origin of all Life: Leiji Matsumoto’s Ozma

Leiji Matsumoto’s original anime Ozma, which he penned in the 1980s and which had remained unpublished all this time, begins to air late on the 16th on WOWOW.  The theme will be “the battle against  Time (that we have as limited lifeforms)”.  We asked Mr. Matsumoto about his thoughts on the project.

“I wrote it for the cinema, but the project was shelved.  The script lay inside a desk drawer and I’d even forgotten parts of the plot.”

Why did you decide to let the project come to light now?

“Back then stories of space probes belonged more to the realm of science fiction, but today they are more closely tied to reality and so I think people will have no trouble accepting this story.”

The setting is the devastated Earth of the future.  Abnormal solar activity has destroyed the atmospheric layers and all of the planet is covered in a “sea of sand”.  As part of a plan to revitalize the human race, the government creates a series of human clones with superior abilities called ICs (Ideal Children).  It is now time for the IC to begin ruling.

The protagonist is Sam Coin, a “sand pirate”.  Sam travels on a sand pirate ship trading goods across the desert.  At the same time, he is hunting the mysterious entity Ozma, who he believes is his older brother’s foe.

As we inquire further into the intentions behind the show, Matsumoto begins to reveal his passionate thoughts on humanity and space.

“What is it that we must do to preserve the environment and ensure the survival of life?”  “What is the origin of life?  What is the universe?  These are the riddles.”

Matsumoto believes that now, as the universe continues to “grow old”, is the time that works such as Ozma are needed.

The show begins at midnight and it will be 6 episodes long.  The first episode will be available for watching free.

~ by Haloed Bane on March 15, 2012.

2 Responses to “New Ozma Report/Interview”

  1. As part of a plan to revitalize the human race, the government creates a series of human clones with superior abilities called ICs (Ideal Children).

    That’s a good hook, I think.

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