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•April 1, 2014 • 56 Comments


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Harlock, Harlock, Harlock

•August 24, 2013 • 16 Comments

Swamped with work, hardly have time do anything else (though I’m getting paid for the work, so at least it’s not all bad).  OK, here are three exciting news:

1) There’s a new Anglophone Harlock Forum!!!


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Your (Almost) Daily Harlock Fix

•August 10, 2013 • 32 Comments

1. Toei has set up a Harlock film YouTube site [here].  I think it’s a great move and it kind of makes me wonder why it took them this long.  Anyway, the great Watcha found out a great resource for YouTube videos, called Amara.  The idea with Amara is that you can upload subtitles, and they’ll link them to the corresponding videos on YouTube, so that then you can share a link through which people can watch the video with your subtitles and without stepping on the original uploader’s toes (that said, I’m not sure if the hits counter over in YouTube goes up when you watch a video through Amara).

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Two Harlock Film Testimonials

•August 8, 2013 • 7 Comments

Asahi Shimbun’s digital site has a new page on the Harlock film [here].  Don’t get confused by the lady”s picture.  Basically, the point of this website is that everyday Asahi chooses some topic to promote and posts a picture of a model, well, promoting whatever it is they’re promoting.  So they’ve decided that August 9th will be “Harlock’s Day” because it’s a month before the movie’s release.  [Thanks to CPZ for the tip]

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Most Spoilerish Harlock Promo Trailer Yet

•August 5, 2013 • 49 Comments
There is so much win in this screenshot.

There is so much win in this screenshot.

Honestly, if you want to keep something of the plot a mystery, stay away from this trailer.

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Yet another Harlock Film page

•August 1, 2013 • 30 Comments

GyaO! is a baby company that deals with internet, videos, and advertising.  More details on them [here].  They’re hosting a new Harlock film page [here].

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Oguri and Miura discuss Harlock (subbed vid)

•July 30, 2013 • 26 Comments

There’s a new/old Harlock video out.  It starts with a minute of Oguri’s and Miura’s impressions on the film (Oguri plays Harlock, Miura plays Yama) in which the word “sugoi” (amazing) shows up a lot.  The clip is followed by the 3 minute 11 second trailer we’ve already seen.

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12 minutos de la película del Capitán Harlock/Raymar

•July 27, 2013 • 2 Comments

Aquí están los primeros 12 minutos de la película del Capitán Harlock, la cual estrenará en Japón el 7 de septiembre.  El video está subtitulado en español (variedad borincana, por si las dudas).  Si les gusta por favor enséñenselo a sus amistades, ya que necesitamos que los japoneses vean que hay mucho interés para que se traiga a los cines internacionales y se desarrolle más proyectos de este tipo.  ¡Disfruten!

P-A-R-T-Y T-I-M-E (with Harlock & co.)

•July 26, 2013 • 22 Comments

It’s good to be old.  I mean, it’s not like you have a choice whether to age or not, so you might as well convince yourself it’s a good thing.  I got myself all sorts of stuff for my birthday: pre-ordered the Harlock film novelization (on the way as we speak), the second volume of the Mahoroba novel (out next month) and just now pre-ordered the Harlock film concept art book, which will come out in September.  On top of that, I got myself a few random 3d models (a cheetah, Wolverine-like hand blades and rocks with faces on them, you know, the usual stuff) and a booklet with Thomas Taylor’s timeless 70-page introduction to the writings of Plato, which I was totally expecting not to get at all, and which so far (5 pages in) I’m totally grasping…this last fact probably the best proof that it is good to get old.  Also, by my calculation next year I’ll be exactly half as old as Leiji.  Wow~

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First 12 minutes of Harlock film SUBBED

•July 25, 2013 • 22 Comments

Here it is, in all its glory:

UPDATE: The video was taken down.  Sorry.