Yet another Harlock Film page

GyaO! is a baby company that deals with internet, videos, and advertising.  More details on them [here].  They’re hosting a new Harlock film page [here].


I have one negative comment, so let me make it quickly and then move on to the positive stuff: there are a number of videos embedded in that page (some we have already seen, some are “coming soon”).  I clicked on one of them toward the bottom about “Harlock’s way of life, in 5 minutes”.  I immediately got a message that said I cannot watch the video because I’m in the wrong region (USA?  Not-Japan?).  And guess what’s immediately underneath?  A lovely paragraph on how international audiences are really excited about the film.  PEOPLE: if you are aware of the fact that international fans are so excited, why not allow them to see the videos?  And while we’re at it, why not provide an equivalent English page to this one??

OK, now I’ll go through the page from top to bottom.  [By the way, GyaO! is going to be running the original Space Pirate Captain Harlock series on their website, and so along the right side of the film page there’s information on that, plus descriptions on how the manga differs from the anime, etc.) In this post I’ll only cover the main stuff though.]

A. Images.  On top there are some lovely scenes (I keep using the word “lovely” today for some reason, just like Oguri and Miura with their “sugoi”s).

B. Intro Material.  The text itself is rehashed from earlier promos pretty much.  Harlock is reborn, looks better than ever, the world has been waiting for this [no kidding!] yadda yadda yadda.  Then there are two videos: on the left, the first 12 minutes of the film; on the right, the mini-impressions clip with Oguri and Miura followed by the 3 minute trailer.  My YouTube page has subtitles for both.

C. Harlock video.  I can’t tell what this video is about (as I said, none of these play where I am), but the shot is of Harlock when the dark matter engine is starting.  The blurb talks about how it’s a must see whether you just heard of Harlock for the first time or you actually saw the first series as it aired in the 1970s.

D. Two coming soon videos.  These look very promising: interviews with Scriptwriter/Dramatization Creator Harutoshi Fukui and Director Shinji Aramaki.  I’d be curious to see if Fukui mentions Yamato and other Leiji works, and if Aramaki mentions international interest in the film.

E. Harlock Character Introduction.  There’s a closeup of Harlock here, followed by some intro info on the pirate.  The original series is mentioned, and then Galaxy Express 999.  There follows a list of “Key Points about Captain Harlock”.  Here’s a translation of the list:

1. Regular pirates are all cool, but he is a space pirate.

2. He rebels against authority under the flag of freedom and follows a hard road.

3. Boldly arranged skulls are his fashion.

4. He speaks little, but his words are wise.

5. You might not think it, but he cares for his friends and he cares for his subordinates.

F. Another Harlock video.  This is the one that promises to explain the man’s way of life in 5 minutes.

G. International Interest in Harlock.  The paragraph opens with the quote from James Cameron, then talks about how the series had 70% ratings when it aired in France.  Space Pirate Captain Harlock is an “anime of the nation” in France.  French in their 30s and 40s are called the Albator generation (Albator=Harlock).  The film will debut in Venice and there are tons of offers to distribute it abroad.  Back when a clip was shown at Annecy, there were people from 40 countries there to watch.

H. Secrets of the Arcadia.  This section is on Harlock’s ship.  There are 3 secrets:

Secret # 1: The ship heals instantaneously when damaged. 

Secret # 2: Even though it’s a battleship, it has its own will.  (And yes, there is here a brief description of how Tochiro, Harlock’s best friend and designer of the Arcadia, uploaded his soul to the ship’s main computer when he died.  I hope now people will stop complaining that Tochiro isn’t in the film.  He is, dudes.)

Secret # 3: It disappears and reappears like a god or a demon.  The Arcadia disappeared after the last great war and now has reappeared, but for what purpose?

There’s also an Arcadia-focused video, which I can’t see.

I. Story, Staff and Cast.  All information we’ve had before, including a video that’s probably one of the earlier trailers.

J. Correlation Diagram.  Simple but interesting.  I added some translations in yellow.  Click on it to make it large and…wait, who’s that on to the top right?  Is that Frodo?  Harry Potter?  No, wait!  OMG…

correlation diagram EN

[EDIT: In the last few hours, I used my transdimensional portal to travel all the way to Japan so I could access the videos.  I’ve just returned, as I have to go to work tomorrow (it’s not all fun and games you know).  There’s really only one new video on the page (and even that has old scenes in it).  It’s almost 6 minutes long, with lots of footage and new statements from Oguri and Miura.  As to the new footage, there’s stuff from what seems to be the climactic part of the film (Yama and Harlock struggling, Yama and his brother arguing over Harlock).  It’s ridiculous how spoilerish it is.  Oh, and most exciting of all, I do believe we get a glimpse of Miime wearing a suit with the downward-arrow motif~]

~ by Haloed Bane on August 1, 2013.

30 Responses to “Yet another Harlock Film page”

  1. “Boldly arranged skulls are his fashion.” That gave me a laugh, when my friend aired his footage of the Metrocon 2012 Anime Chess Match some said Harlock looked like the Punisher. (he was capeless for half the match)

    Tochiro does have a Harry Potter haircut. That’s a new shot of him two.

    You think fans would just assume that Tochiro is going to be the ship. The Arcadia being being sentient is a given

    • Exactly, right? In some ways, if you want to be truly hardcore, you DON’T want Tochiro running around the Arcadia in this movie, because classic Harlock is precisely about his absence and what this signifies to everyone.

  2. Great page – bar the video issue!! (Anyone have a proxy set up to fake their address? ) But if there is new footage hopefully someone has the skills to grab it somewhere…!

    • You really ought to invest money in a transdimensional portal. I got mine at Doraemon World.

  3. I want a pin-up poster of this Tochiro.
    But where is Emeraldas?

    • Hey hey, save something for the sequel!

      • I wish they’d go with the old practice of a short, accompanying featurette – and give us the Harlock/Emeraldas “Sky Pirates”!! complete with totally bad-ass Yattaran!! Come on, Toei – you know it makes sense!! Zeppelins!!

  4. By the way, what in the heck does “Rotten but essential” mean?

    • …and one hopes it refers to Yattaran, not Kei!!

      • Yes, the idea is this:

        Yattaran sees Kei as the ideal sidekick – the joke being of course that she’s not an equal partner in his eyes, but a sidekick. She obviously feels differently.

        Kei sees Yattaran as “kusareen”, which JDIC defines as “(undesirable but) inseparable relationship”. In other words, someone you absolutely detest but you can’t do without. “kusare” literally means “rotten” and “en” means a “bond”, often of the sort that lasts a life and even through multiple lives. I tied to explain this on the Harlock Film Fan facebook page, since it is hard to translate clearly.

  5. So I’m not sure how to proceed here. I was almost done subtitling yet another promo video the other day when YouTube struck down the two “first 12 minutes of Harlock” vids I had subbed. That said, they didn’t touch the three subbed trailers I have. seems that they’re making a distinction between the promo stuff and the 12 minutes, because the latter is actually part of the film (even though they released it as a preview for promotional purposes, which is why I subbed it).

    I’m wondering if I should venture to upload this new subbed vid or not. Maybe the only reason they left the 3 trailers alone is because they were older, and they’d strike down anything new I upped. Any thoughts?

  6. Hi Animekritik,
    – I remember that the “3 min 11” was published just one day after the 12 min…
    – promotionnal trailers are usually published on youtube, but contents published on yahoo are differents ; they seem to be exclusive contents: 12min extract, and now, only-for-japanese-people videos.
    – as Helen says, can’t hurt to try! And a “mysterious tiltle” is a pretty good idea 🙂
    – maybe you can create a new youtube account to avoid loosing old videos? Or try dailymotion? I noticed that life expectancy on dailymotion was greater… 😉

    • This subbed video is from one of the yahoo videos though :/

      • Booo… I guess we need to start a “Captain Kingston” fansite just to throw ’em off the scent! 😉

        • I just wish they would translate the stuff themselves!!! It would cost them peanuts to do so, and it would guarantee continued interest abroad… Considering how crowdsourcing is being used for subtitles and stuff these days, they could get the whole thing done for free into multiple languages!

          Also, I sure hope they’re not crazy enough to wait until after September 7th to announce further international release dates (as in, tasting the waters first in Japan before deciding how far to go abroad). If they really intend this to be a project for international audiences and not only Japan, they can’t be lukewarm about it.

          Next, what’s going on with Yu Aoi, voice actress for Miime? She’s one of the main voices, yet they’re going with Miura and Oguri exclusively to sell the film so far. Yo, if you want cartoon-loving Japanese dudes to support your project, have the gal do some promos ASAP. She did Sonoshee’s voice in REDLINE apparently, so she’s got some voice acting pedigree to boot.

          Finally, what about that English song in the initial promos? Are they really going to bury it and not mention it again? That’d be very curious.

          • Maybe part of GFM’s deal is to handle the English language promos? No telling what cack-handed deals have been made – Toei IIRC don’t have the best track record in the business!!

            I’d love to see them really sell ALL the cast/characters… More Kei for a start! I love what I’ve heard and seen so far. Isora’s starting to come to the fore a bit more in trailers – though he looks a bit plastic by comparison to the rest of the “cast”…!! His Voice Actor can’t really be faulted though – he’s got previous Matsumoto form out the yin-yang!! (Playing one of the few characters who ever took on Harlock and LIVED…)

            They need to try not to overdo the current marketing: I swear – one more shot of Yama looking all lost and wangsty and I might start hitting the TV… repeated viewings are highlighting an annoying tendency to whine…!!

            • …oh: and I really, REALLY hate that Japanese pop song…!!! I’ve started cringing at every point it kicks in!!

              • I don’t hate it, but there’s no doubt that the original song they had was much better, and it’s absolutely insane not to keep it in somehow. And god have mercy on my soul but I’m extremely scared about what Ms. Tokiko’s song will sound like.

            • Who knows what the promo deal is~ The full extent of their international campaign seems to be to report to Japanese audiences how excited international audiences are. Doing this literally alienates some Japanese moviegoers, and nets not a single international moviegoer so…what the heck?! Let me put it as bluntly as I can: NOBODY IN JAPAN WILL GO TO WATCH AN ANIME FILM BECAUSE FOREIGNERS SEEM TO LIKE IT. Think about it, that doesn’t even make sense. It’d be like opening a new sushi restaurant in Tokyo and telling the Japanese: look, look, Canadians love it, that means it’s good sushi. The contrary, though, has to be considered. If Japanese don’t like an anime film, there might be plenty of foreigners who might assume it’s bad and not give it a try.

              There’s an impression that the current marketing in Japan is overly geared toward the ladies (Oguri and Miura fans). They need to change/correct this impression asap. I mean, from what I hear the guys are not very happy at all when movie posters turn up with just Oguri and Miura’s faces. Why play to one crowd when you can play to more than one? Immediately produce another set of posters with the Kei and Miime actresses’ faces. Voila, nice wallpaper for the lads! It’s not an either/or thing. Get the Kei voice actress out, get the Miime actress out (it seems like Miime is a bit of a mystery character promotionally speaking, which is cool and all, but her voice actress should be all over the place talking about how mysterious the alien is).

              • They should really look at the ANN forums if they want to see Western haters. Those guys are snobs half the time.
                I think they are trying to say look we know it’s all CG but it’s not going to be bad because Forigners seem to be digging it.

                I really don’t think it’s too geared towards women outside of the Star Stunt casting. I’ve watched just about everything Harlock in anime at this point. 90% of the action is going to happen around Harock and New guy. That’s how Harlock is written…. and dam now I know why they added so many girls to Yamato 2199 and why one is stealing the spotlight from Kodai.

                • Ah, you’ve hit the nail on the head, twice!

                  1) Yes, the foreigner thing must have to do with CG. Anime fans hate CG in their anime (heck, even foreign fans hate it). So, bring in James Cameron from Avatar and have him give his blessing. That almost sounds like a clever strategy but it actually isn’t. Unless there’s some silent majority of Japanese moviegoers that I don’t know about who are all psyched about the Avatar connection and will go to see the film…

                  2) Yamato 2199 is actually getting great reviews across the board (even from the usual haters), and what’s the formula there? Well, I haven’t seen it but from what I gather it’s quite faithful to the original story wise, with revamped character designs a la moe, and more more more girls. Now take a look at CG Harlock: story wise it’s quite new (yes, you can find all sorts of motifs and stuff, but the arrangement is new), the character designs are darker and even less moe than the original, and there are NOT more girls. It’s actually quite striking when you consider it: they did not add a single gal to this, the Arcadian lady population remains just Miime and Kei (thank goodness neither Mayu nor Revi made it on board).

                  • Erm… there IS a lady missing from the Norns of the Arcadia… Where’s the damn cook!?!! 😉 I’m dying to know how they’d make Matsumoto’s spud-like old ladies look human!!

                    Revi Bentselle? Do. Not. Go. There…

                    Girls on ships? …you gotta wonder… 40 hardened space pirates, no shore leave, and Kei’s a bit of a fox… so how the hell does she stay unmolested? In classic Harlock the pirates usually look as though Harlock could keep them in line easily… (they’re half his size for one thing!) but now we’ve got a bunch of rough looking space dogs all of whom look a lot bigger and brawnier than their – erm- rather pretty-boy captain? Looking at some of the new crew I’d be expecting *Yama* to be defending his virtue!! OK – WE know Harlock’s just that damn hard, and Kei’s presumably no slouch… 😉 Still…!

                    As to Yamato 2199… I’ve tried. I’ve really tried to get into it… but it’s not just the character designs that are lackluster and insipid… the overall feel of the artwork is just so… lightweight… by comparison to the original. Even a stellar voice cast isn’t saving this one for me, and it’s not doing enough with the source material to justify its existence so far! I think I’m only staying the course to see what they’ll do with Mamoru!!

                    • Masu, right, forgot. I guess she’s the crone in that trio, huh.

                      You pose an interesting problem. I remember Maji was married once, right? To the Mazone, though, oops. Maybe they’re all married and their wives live in one of the pirate islands the Arcadia has??

                    • have you seen the last batch of episodes where they fight Domel? The battles hold up at least but with all the new characters it takes away from the ones we already know and love. I really like Wolf Frankken for a Galmon he’s alright, I’ll have to look up if he was this cool in series III planning.
                      I want to murder Yuki’s Iscandarian doppleganger though, she’s anoying.
                      Masu was my fav character in the first series. I love a woman who flings knives at thieving animals.

                    • “I love a woman who flings knives at thieving animals.”
                      Wow, I never even thought of where I stand on this kind of woman. Must give it some thought.

                      BTW, did you get that last page of GF I sent your way?

  7. @AK
    Oh I just noticed it. Took me a bit to realize it was you emailing me, you name came up looking like random spam due to outlook. I haven’t had time to read yet. Downloaded them but i was also cleaning out all this spam i had.

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