Women of Sexaroid

Shima, agent G3 from the G Bureau in Matsumoto’s manga Sexaroid, is very lucky with the ladies.  Despite living with his Sexaroid partner Yuki, a voracious fembot if there ever was one, he still finds enough time to cavort with an array of women.  This is a chronological list of all 33 women that Shima becomes romantically involved with in the 4 volumes of the manga.  There are a few reasons why I think making such a list is worthwhile:

a) Leiji is often accused of not being able to draw more than 3 or 4 characters.  Looking through this list you will be able to decide for yourself if this accusation is fair or not.  I’m not sure what I think myself!

b) Believe it or not, one of the Sexaroid‘s themes is heroic death, and the people undergoing these heroic deaths tend to be the women Shima has met.  This series is a veritable carnage of beauty.  I will point out specific examples in red as they show up.

c) This is a great excuse to show off Leiji gals!

1. Yuki No. 7

The protagonist of the series, Sexaroid Yuki dies, is dissected, etc etc several times.

2. President Baretara’s Double

The Mu Federation sends a double of its president to Japan, planning to assassinate her and blame Japan.  Once this has failed, they shoot her plane down as she is heading home.

3. President Baretara

Once Yuki has given her permission, Shima finds he cannot perform with the head of state.  The president is alive and well at the end of the chapter.

4. Shess Sahara

A college friend of Shima’s that has turned evil of late.  She repents and blows her secret facility up, effectively killing herself.

5. Hera

A “friend” of Shima’s, she is kidnapped and turned into an ugly monster.  Later on, the authorities destroy her kidnappers’ rocket with her inside.

6. Fera (or Fella)

She is a rebel fighting against the government of the Fourth Reich D.  She is encased in a see-through capsule as a show specimen, which I’m pretty sure means she dies.

7. Twin Sexaroid

Shima is tricked into sleeping with a clone of Yuki’s.  Once this twin is found out, she is blasted to smithereens by the G Bureau.

8. Neneronesume

She comes from Earth in a different dimension.  At the end of the chapter she decides to return where she came from.  Her ultimate fate remains unclear.

9. Yura

She is kidnapped and taken aboard a cruiseship that sells photon rockets clandestinely.  She manages to send the ship to the sixth dimension, possibly resulting in her death.

10. Kai

Her lover Meromelos is a dissatisfied poet who keeps a pack of alien creatures that look like giant slugs and behave like cats.  Kai unlocks the door containing the creatures so that they will eat both her and her lover.

11. Feras

She is sent by her country to an all-out brawl for control of Japan’s photon rockets.  After meeting Shima, she kills another country’s agent at the same time she is killed by him.

12. Zera

A member of the Helmet Faction, she gets eaten by a space monster when Shima accidentally pulls a rope.  Oops.

13. Shiras

She is suicidal and she inserts a cyanide pill so that whoever will sleep with her next will also die with her.  She uses this ploy to kill a villain and save Shima.

14. Junus

Her husband’s organization, Death Mask, wants to mine cosmonite.  Junus has him and herself sent off in a pod to the cold regions of space, where she freezes to death.

15. Karmira

She committed suicide but was revived by her biologist husband.  After meeting up with Shima, she shoots her husband and dies for the last time.

16. Antman Queen

Queen of the subterranean Antman Empire, she has a brief fling with Shima, and lives to tell the tale.

17. Mira Duffin

Commander for the Japanese section of the Neo-Human League, which wants to kill all ugly people and put the world into the hands of the beautiful.  Yuki shoots her in self-defense.

18. (Nameless tank operator)

A Japanese tank soldier captured by the enemy is too ashamed to tell Shima her name.  In the end she blows herself up with her captors.

19. Duffin

The wife of a grand duke who likes to steal cosmonite, she dies when their space yacht drifts away from the atmosphere and is blown up by the contact between space rays and the cosmonite.  Not to be confused with Mira Duffin.

20. Meya

An assassin from the nation of Bandossia, she is sent to eliminate a Japanese villain who operated in that country, exploited the populace and enslaved many women.  She arrests the villain and boards an airplane with him and all of the freed female slaves to take go back to Bandossia, but blows the plane up to cleanse the shame of all the slaves, thus dying in the process.

21. Sel

The wife of a camera manufacturer who is stealing Japan’s cosmonite engine technology and selling it to a foreign country in exchange for business concessions.  Shima leaves his exploding boxer shorts behind and then blows the camera company up by remote control.

22. (Nameless assistant of Dareya)

Dareya uses women to steal cosmonite fuel rods (the villain has the women hide the rods inside their genitals).  The G Bureau boss is captured by Dareya’s group, and when Shima and Yuki save him he tosses an explosive inside their compound and blows them all up.

23. Iras

Her world is in another dimension where men are scarce, so she makes holes in our dimension to capture men for her pleasure.  She escapes back to her dimension with 5 of Shima’s enemies.

24. Leda

Her husband is an enemy spy who attempts to kill Shima and is instead killed by Yuki.  She comes to have her revenge, “forces” Shima to have sex with her in front of Yuki and then, at the last moment, forgoes her plan of killing Yuki to complete her revenge.  Her jetplane blows up as she leaves, it being unclear if she committed suicide or was killed by her nation for failing in her job.

25. Fake Yuki

Shima notices there is something different during sex and the morning after he bashes the android impostor’s skull in with a rod.

26. Yura

This Yura has no connection to the other woman of that name.  Her husband is a foreign agent bent on getting information on Japan’s Yayoi Plan.  Yura falls in love with Shima and she and her husband shoot each other to death.

27. Mira

Not to be confused with Mira Duffin.  A vegetable life form from a planet wrapped in a dark nebula, she doesn’t have any eyes.  Shima saves her by giving her “water and protein”, but her spaceship is blown up by the Japanese military when she tries to go back home.

27. Hasu’s Wife

Hasu is the leader of the Delusional Party.  His wife sleeps with Shima and then jumps to her death after the party has been eliminated.

28. Anna Maria Spaghettino

She is the wife of Al Capone.  The couple enters through a time hole into Shima and Yuki’s apartment.  Capone manages to go back to his own time and leaves Spaghettino alone.  She jumps from the building after explaining she cannot live without her man.

29. Yure

Shima’s school classmate, she becomes involved in a plot to steal data concerning Japan’s Third Plan.  As she is not very clever and is relatively innocent, Shima’s boss takes pity on her and we get the impression she will work for the G Bureau.

30. Sade

She lives billions of years in the future, when humans have evolved into horrible monsters.  Sade kidnaps the great figures of history in order to feed them to the future human-monsters and assure her own rule over the Earth of all time periods.  The great figures of history escape under Einstein’s leadership and when the human-monsters get hungry they devour her.

31. Semariah

Her husband and her call themselves King and Queen of the Future, because they believe they will become all-powerful at some point.  Shima’s robots shoot both of them dead when they are about to kill Yuki and him.

32. F.H. Damas’ Wife

Damas is hellbent on wiping all Sexaroid life from the face of the planet.  He doesn’t know two things: two-thirds of his 40 wives are Sexaroids themselves, and he is in an advanced stage of cerebral syphillis.  Damas’ compound blows up due to sabotage by his crazed wives who have had it with his awful treatment.

33. Shima Shirakawa

Her country is against Japan’s Third Plan, so she infiltrates the G Bureau, detonates a bomb inside and tries to kill Shima and Yuki.  Her younger brothers shoot her dead because they believe she’s insane.

4 Responses to “Women of Sexaroid”

  1. Holy shit man D:

    Men – that is all they think about isn’t it? Sex sex sex sex … blowing up women … sex sex sex.

    Hmm … Must say Leiji doesn’t really try and define most of his characters – but alot of the time they are only background people anyway. Tezuka reused his characters over and over again. More likely so he wouldn’t have to keep creating new ones. I can’t see why Leiji couldn’t do similar …

  2. Yuki, Baretara and the Antman Queen had very distinctive personalities…the others just kinda blended in!

  3. Thanks for this, and your other posts on Sexaroid too. Maybe it is not the main focus of my interest, but with Matsumoto you never know when or where people and objects come up next time, so it is good to know the origins. Do you know that Sexaroid Yuki is alive and well in Galaxy Railways?

    • Yeah, I’ve heard Yuki is in Railways, which I haven’t seen. As you said, things come up again and again in Leiji’s world… Very soon I’ll have pages on Queen Emeraldas and Time Sweeper Mahoroba…The main woman in Mahoroba is called Yo Haguro, which happens to be the exact same name of the main woman in Leiji’s newest Out of Galaxy Koshika!

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