William Degouve de Nuncques is my favorite painter bar none.  He is not well known.  Here I’ll dump showcase 50 of his paintings, probably the largest collection of his works in a single place online.  If there’s a site with more pictures, do let me know!  For famous works of which multiple scans were available I tried to select the best quality ones.  The ordering is chronological by year, except that I don’t know the date for the last three.  Let your cursor hover over the painting to know the name and year of the work.  By the way, many of the pics are large so you can click to increase the size.

7 Responses to “DEGOUVE DE NUNCQUES”

  1. Some of these would make great black metal album covers.

    • Indeed, but the category of images that would make good metal album covers is pretty huge, I think.

  2. fifht from bottom-snowlandscape – is a fake; and your levy-dhurmer should not be in this series either

    • Thanks! Let me just clarify: is the Iceberg one the Levy-Dhurmer?? also, when you say the snow one is fake, do you mean it’s been called a Degouve but it’s not really by him, or do you mean I simply made a mistake like I did with the levy-dhurmer?

  3. what are the names of the paintings?

  4. not only the fifth from the botom is a fake, the second from the berginning is also a fake; however you are not the only one who is lead into error.
    By the way, you can find the whole oeuvre of William Degouve de Nuncques at my site

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