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my wife and I

*** First and foremost: THIS BLOG IS DEAD ***

*** Secondly, here is OTHER STUFF THAT’S NOT DEAD YET ***

I am interested in philosophy, linguistics, history…

I like to consume manganimedoujin, especially Leiji Matsumoto’s work (check out my Alberich’s Dream page and my Leijiverse tag on the right sidebar, or just click on Queen Promethium).

The title of the blog is a ripoff homage to Kant’s Kritik der Urteilskraft (“Critique of Judgement” in good English).  So “kritik” in animekritik is not “critic” but “critique”.  I am no critic.  Criticism just happens here (or did).

Any queries, comments, life issues, inheritance notices, feel free to contact me at animekritik@hotmail.com.  I can handle Spanish, French and Thai (the last two poorly, but I manage) and I have enough willpower to decipher any other language under the sun so if you need to rant in Esperanto or Old Irish go right ahead!


***Header credits → To your left, Captain Harlock.  To your right, Emeraldas.


This is a list of Leiji Matsumoto works I have watched or read (following a generously ample definition of what constitutes a Matsumoto work).  I’ve added the number of tankobon volumes for each manga next to the title (if there is no tankobon edition then I have gone with the bunkobon figure).


Adieu Galaxy Express (film)

Arcadia of my Youth (film)

Arrivederci Yamato (film)

Be Forever Yamato (film)

Cockpit (OVA)

Cosmo Warrior Zero (OVA)

Fire Force Dna Sights 999.9 (OVA)

Galaxy Express 999 (film)

Galaxy Express 999: Eternal Fantasy (film)

Galaxy Railways (TV)

Galaxy Railways: A Letter from the Abandoned Planet (OVA)

Galaxy Railways II: Crossroads to Eternity (TV)

Gun Frontier (TV)

Harlock Saga (OVA)

Interstella 5555 (film)

Maetel Legend (OVA)

Mirai – Snow Angel (TV special)

Ozma (TV)

Queen Emeraldas (OVA)

Queen Millennia (film)

Saint Elmo: Apostle of Light (OVA)

Space Battleship Yamato (TV)

Space Battleship Yamato II (TV)

Space Pirate Captain Harlock (TV)

Space Pirate Captain Herlock: Endless Odyssey (OVA)

Space Symphony Maetel (TV)

Yamato: The New Voyage (film)


Arcadia of my Youth: Endless Road SSX (TV) [watched 1-19]

Galaxy Express 999 (TV) [watched 1-39]

Millennial Queen (TV) [watched 1-10]

Space Battleship Yamato III (TV) [watched 1-9]



Black Ships of Nothingness (2)

Daifurinden (1)

Demodori-shainden (1)

Diver Zero (1)

Drifting Express 000 (4)

Eternal Story of Jura (oneshot)

Great Yamato (2)

Harlock Saga (8)

Insect (1)

King Millenniam (oneshot)

Majo Tenshi (1)

Millennial Queen (5)

Miraizer Ban (3)

Mystery Eve (2)

Otoko Oidon (9)

Petfather (1)

Queen Emeraldas (4)

Sexaroid (4)

Space Pirate Captain Harlock (5)

Tale of a Time Gone By (2)

The Crow Story in the Moonless Night (1)

The Tochiro II (oneshot)

Tiger-Striped Mii (1)

Ultimate Time Sweeper Mahoroba (2)

V2 Panzer (2)

Wadachi (2)

Yojigen Tokei (1)


Galaxy Express 999: Eternal Fantasy Arc [Volumes 19-21]

Ganso Dai Yojohan Dai Monogatari [two of six volumes]

Gun Frontier [two of three volumes]

The Cockpit [two of five volumes]

51 Responses to “ABOUT + CONTACT 「プロフィール」”

  1. I like this. Into the feed reader you go. Kant is a bitch to read, I hope you’ll give me an easier time.

  2. I can’t say I won’t try 🙂

  3. what the fuck, i just found out you don’t like guren lagann? How can you not like the anime adaption of the epic of Gilgamesh?! and the show has so many dense psychological undertones I’d have thought you could do an absurdly massive post series on it.

  4. i blame ghostlightning and his gossipy ways. i really wanted to keep this a secret, but he keeps bringing it up. i don’t know why, i just don’t dig the show…

  5. It’s no crime to dislike a show that digiboy likes. I tried to watch FLCL thrice and I swear I can’t get past 2 episodes.

  6. whoa! not liking flcl. now that’s criminal 😉 i wonder what gainax show digiboy doesn’t like..

  7. Well, This Ugly Yet Beautiful World sucked. And I haven’t watched Mahoromatic or He is My Master or finished Shikabane Hime or Melody of Oblivion.

    But are we counting those? :p

    I love Daicon 4, Otaku no Video, Gunbuster, Evangelion, FLCL, Diebuster, and Gurren Lagann.

    Well, I haven’t seen Honneimaise yet, so maybe and opportunity awaits?

  8. And AK not liking GL is easily as criminal as not liking FLCL

  9. Oh! I forgpt a few! I loved Kare Kano, haven’t finished Nadia, and Abenobashi I had dropped long ago but might speed-run sometime soon.

  10. […] do the same. In spite of both being Gainax Fanboys, Ghostlightning can’t like FLCL and Anime Kritik doesn’t like Gurren Lagann. Maybe these aren’t examples of pure, unbridled rage, but I […]

  11. Totally recommending your blog to Ikari “Mike” Gendo.

  12. @Ray

    Thanx, I appreciate it. Hope you’re enjoy the blog!

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  14. This has been bothering me for a little while, but I keep forgetting. I don’t know if it’s just on my site, but you’re site link is always ‘wordpress.animekritik.com’ which when clicked leads to a whole lot of nowhere. yeah.

    • really? it should be animekritik.wordpress.com!! i wonder if there’s something i need to change on my end?

  15. Oh, THIS diet is most nourishing!

  16. NOURISHING DIET IS AWESOME! 😀 Even though I know so much I have seen so little D: This makes me sad …

    • Well, you’re young. Get cracking then! I bet you could finish watching all of Matsumoto’s anime by the time you’re 65 or so.

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  18. Hi,

    How is everyone?
    Has anyone seen or knows if any of the imax GE999 specials that have come out in Japan over the years is available anywhere on the net etc? (GALAXY EXPRESS 999 The starlit sky is a time machine Solar System/Extinction of the Dinosaurs ) is the name of one of them

    thx for you’re time!


    • Sorry, I don’t know anything about this. Interesting that the starlit sky as time machine crops up in the Miraizer Ban manga as well…

  19. hey, I am wondering:
    Which Photography History book have you read to make comparisons with the Tokyo Red Hood?
    I am very curious to know.
    I am following you by tumblr. I’m AnaCalavera.
    Your blog intrigues me a lot! 😀

  20. […] I had never watched or read a single work by Leiji Matsumoto. Inspired by Animekritik‘s obsession with all things Leiji, I decided that this needed to be corrected. So far, I’ve watched the […]

  21. This is incredible material, and information, insight and peripheral stuff I didn’t think anybody else really thought much about. I’d be happy to contribute anything, images, etc, scans, etc, whatever you might like.

  22. Hi I have a couple of questions. Did Saji completely removed Sonsaku dragon and can she completely control it?
    Did sonsaku ans sousou cause the volcanic activity and the typhoons and why did she pass out when she met him?

    • I guess you’re talking about the latest chapter,s right?

      No one has any control whatsoever over the dragons. Shiba’i tried her best to manipulate things but she failed. Sonsaku cannot control it, neither can Sousou nor Ryuubi.

      Yes, the volcanos and typhoons were all caused by the great warriors as they fought, because they are associated with elements (Sousou = fire, Sonsaku = water).

      Sonsaku passes out because she has visions, I guess. Either that or Sousou is just too darn dreamy.

  23. Thank you for clearing that up for me.

  24. Hi sorry to bother you again but I noticed in the newer translations of the manga they started using the term special A-class is that different from normal A-class fighters?


    • Yes, special A-class fighters are stronger normal A-class fighters. You have the following ranks:
      1) Special A
      2) (Normal) A
      3) B
      4) C
      5) D
      6) E

      Special A-rankers have clear or transparent magatamas. Normal A-rankers have golden magatamas.

  25. Forgive me I’m really sorry for asking all these questions but was it ever stated Koukin Shuyu replaced Kannei as one of Nanyo’s Big Four, also was it stated he hhas the power to become A-rank? And what rank is he currently?

    • I don’t remember reading of anything about this, so the best I can do is tell you is that most websites state that:
      1) He’s in Nanyo’s Big Four, replacing Kannei.
      2) He’s a C rank.
      3) He has the ability to become an A-rank.

      It’s possible that this info is old, but I honestly don’t recall the manga recently discussing Koukin’s progress.

  26. I want to say by this message: great thanks for your site! And I want pour my sore point: Please, tell me that Leiji Matsumoto’s Universe would survive all times! (God almighty! Nowadays most of anime has no rights to life)

    Hope that i didn’t made mistakes =)

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  28. Hey didn’t you have a want-to-read list somewhere? Asking this because I found a Leiji manga on ebook Japan that you might want to look at called “Gennai”. It appears to be historical fiction.

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