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I hereby unplug this comatose blog.  Termination is effective immediately, though the corpse will remain exposed indefinitely, as I do trust in its biodegradability.  Cheers everybody~

~ by Haloed Bane on April 1, 2014.

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  1. Does it mean you didn’t like the film?

    • I haven’t seen it yet. I don’t think it’s arrived here in any format yet. Did you see it? Did you like it?

      • Yes, i just did. Can I even call myself a fan if I find out that it is out from a link to a Russian review sent to me by a friend who had been kind enough to listen to my leijiverse rants three years ago. It’s available online with English subs. Helen and yami are discussing it in the forum, I’m about to join.
        Did I like it? Yes and no – I’m hard put to articulate it yet.

        • Hmmm… I guess if there are no announcements soon, I might have to see that and then join the discussion:)

  2. *cries*


    RIGHT???! RIGHT????!

  3. I call April fools too! Please?

  4. Not sure if this is not an April Fool’s special, but if not, thank you for some very informative blogs over the years. Specially all the Harlock stuff and your piece on Gunbuster were very enlightening to a novice like me. Good luck in your future endeavors.

  5. Well at least we know you aren’t dead

  6. Is the spirit of this blog going to carry on into another one?
    Do you have any other blogs?
    Kritik der Animationskraft was unique in that made exquisit analyses that exposed possible interpretations of the works of the Leijiverse.
    I will always remember reading about Otoko Oidon for the first time in your blog.
    I will always remember that one time I was sick, had to stay at home and I couldn’t stop reading the amazing story of Miraizer Ban.
    I will always remember the post about Galaxy Express 999 episodes 7, 8 & 10, about Marx, Shinto and the Zero Warrior. Thanks to you it was even possible for me to make my girlfriend enjoy the Leijiverse.
    For all this and many more great moments, I am extremely thankful for sharing with us Kritik der Animationskraft.
    Thank you very much!

    • Nope, I’m afraid this was my only anime site (but I’ll be sure to comment re: Leijiverse at the Arcadia forum here: ). Thank you for your words. Even I enjoy rereading some of the manga summaries. It’s really a credit to Matsumoto’s gripping (and quirky) storytelling that one can enjoy reading about his comics without even seeing the pictures.

  7. Sad day. Thank you for everything over the years – you will be sorely missed…

    • Thanks!!

      • Well sad to see the blog go, but: AK – Polly – get your asses over to Et in Arcadia and let’s continue the good work!!:-) You’re two of the most knowledgeable Leiji fans in the English-speaking part of the ‘net and there’s still plenty of stuff to talk about!! I’d hate to see either of you vanish!!

        • Are the film spoilers being properly handled in the forum?? I’m scared to drop in and run into something big:/

          • Trying to keep it in spoiler tags… I take it you didn’t order the Japanese DVD/Blu Ray??

            • No, still waiting on something with English subs, so the mrs. can have a chance to see it. Have we totally given up on cinema releases in English-speaking lands??

              • They actually have good quality subs for it online now.
                I’ve watched it, but I’m still holding on to a shred of hope that there is going to be an english theatrical release so I can see it in 3d.

              • According to the BFI (British Film Institute) the UK premier in in London 17th May as part of the Anime Weekender they run – however, it’s the only film on the list NOT available to book tickets for!! But releasing the same month as Godzilla – Seriously Bad Move… ;-(

                But given the quality of the subs, and the likelyhood they’d air the dub anyway, I’d be struggling to justify the cost of a train ticket, underground pass, food and cinema to see it, no matter how pretty it’d look on the big screen…

                BTW – compared to the blu-ray the DVD picture looks a little meh… for some reason everything looks a little more plastic and washed out – and on the R4 disc the subs are bloody enormous! (and fuzzy round the edges…) – and that’s just on a 720p 32 in screen.

  8. I know… I should join the forum. I should. I’ve been lurking, but until I see the movie I don’t feel qualified to talk about it. (For the record, and perhaps for your amusement, I ordered the movie from EzyDVD, but it got ‘delayed’ due to a ‘shipping error’ (I like that international subscribers weren’t subject to this ‘shipping error’, but we Aussies got shuffled to the bottom of the pile. grr!), and would you believe it arrived this morning but the disc contains only the english dub, which I flat out refuse to watch, and since I ordered the Japanese Dolby version, I am feeling justifiably miffed at being short changed AND shunted to the bottom of the pile. So I have sent off a rather terse email to said EzyDVD (who are proving to be anything but bloody ‘ezy’) asking what they plan to do about it. (Which I hope is something nice, grin!) Honestly, the universe does not want me to see this film… ever. sigh!)

    But, back to what we were talking about, it will be sad indeed to lose animekritik and his wealth of knowledge and his unique interpretations… but then I wonder (during my soul searching moments) as animekrtik must – what is the point? There are sooo few Harlock fans out there. And yes, I know in Japan there are a lot, and in France and Spain there are a lot, but otherwise we’re alone out there… Which is why the old pollywantsaharlock site died an ignominious death – lack of interest basically (though it’s been archived on oocities, so it’s still out there).

    So, while it is VERY sad that animekritik is calling it day on his blog, I again wish to register how appreciative I have been of everything. Maintaining a blog is hard work, and when you’re doing it for love alone, it can be draining. I will always remember these happy days… and perhaps we will meet again. On the forum. Fingers crossed!

    Again – thank you!

  9. So what happened to the claim that there were 70 countries begging for distribution rights? Did they stop begging when the film flopped in Japan or was there a typo and it was really 7 all along:/

    • Marketing speak for “we had some tentative queries but only a handful bothered to follow up further”??

      Honestly this has been a total disaster from start to finish… poor Harlock! You can see him now – slumped in his cabin over a glass of wine, waiting for his agent to ring…😉

  10. Did you ever get a chance to watch all of Space Battleship Yamato 2199?

    • I think I might have seen the first episode and the second, or just part of the second. The schedule confused the hell out of me. Is there talk of a season 2?

      • The show is fiished and has started to come out in North America as Star Blazers 2199 (subtitled in English and Spanish only…no dub). Which is basically a repackaged (and cheaper) way to get Yamato 2199. Six discs, with four episodes each, with six on the last disc. The first oneis out already with the second coming out at the end of this month. All six will be out by the end of the year (though the episodes can be found on places like Amime44 and is also all avalible from Japan as Yamato 2199).

        There is a film coming out later this year. We don’t now a lot about it yet. Only that it takes place in 2199 and is new material.

        • Updated information tells us that there is be two Yamato 2199 films this Fall. First a recollection film out October 11th titled “Voyage of Recollection”. The second is a new story titled “The Ark of the Stars”. No real idea what that is about yet, but it comes out December 6th.

      • Thr Comet Empire is coming:

        “Ark of the Stars” teaser only:

        “Completely new feature film
        Space Battleship Yamato 2199 “Ark of the Stars”

        A hidden story from the year 2199 is revealed now!
        In 2199, Yamato was departing from the Large Magellanic Cloud.
        Calm air flowed between the crew, who had received the “Cosmo Reverse System.”
        At the edge of the Large Magellanic Cloud, Yamato encountered a mysterious fleet that suddenly appeared.
        They were called “Gatlantis” and demanded that Yamato be handed over.
        Yamato was in a hurry to return to Earth and avoid combat.
        But an unknown entity appeared to block their path.

        Yamato warped out in the nick of time, but in front of their eyes appeared the figure of a planet floating in a strangely-colored (light grey) space…”

        Coming December 6, 2014

  11. 😦

  12. […] Unfortunately, on the other end of the spectrum, animekritik is closing his blog [Kritik der Animationskraft]. […]

  13. That’s a shame! Well, good luck to you, and may we see your fine analysis again down the road.

  14. Sad to see another blogger go. Good luck in any other future endeavors^^

  15. ikkitousen 139 please!!!!

  16. Oh no! I can not believe it! How could you?! I thought you had an infinite amount of passion and energy! Oh well, I knew this day would come… Your translation is just too good, so those secret services forced you to work for them, requiring you to shutdown this blog. Well, life happens… I enjoyed reading your blog and hope you are doing well, still enjoying life.

    Here is a grand-daughter of Yamato’s relative, Kongou,,signing a song to cheer you up!😀

  17. Hello! I’m seeking for Manga & Anime bloggers and stumpled across your blog. I couldn’t find your email address, could you please send me an email: alysonburston[at] — It’s regarding writing about Manga/Anime type of offer. This is not spam btw. Thanks.

  18. 2 years since you abandoned this blog😦 still no chance of it being an April’s fools joke?

    • AK here. I did not abandon anime, anime abandoned me😉

      • Did manga abandon you as well? I’d immensely appreciate your help in more Leiji Matsumoto scanlations i’d like to work on😉

        • Not reading manga either, though that one’s my fault, not manga’s. If I have ever get active again I’ll let you know.

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