Most Spoilerish Harlock Promo Trailer Yet

There is so much win in this screenshot.

There is so much win in this screenshot.

Honestly, if you want to keep something of the plot a mystery, stay away from this trailer.

And if you do end up watching it, note that over half of the video is stuff we’ve already seen.  Just be patient and you’ll find new stuff…

~ by Haloed Bane on August 5, 2013.

49 Responses to “Most Spoilerish Harlock Promo Trailer Yet”

  1. If you’ve already watched the 3 minute one and the opening 12 mins, I think the spoiler damage is already done!! 😉

    … So: is Mimay’s – erm – “lack” of costume a shout out to that bit from one of the manga (can’t remember if it was GE999 or NnY…) where Yattaran gets a happy because he can see through Mimay’s dress?!! 😉

    Though I do love the way Harlock just looks… bored!

    More seriously, I love the brief exchange between Yama and Isora in this… Yama’s desperation contrasting with Isora’s almost disappointed, but sneering, reaction to seeing him. And given the relationship of the two characters to each other, this is a disturbing subversion of a standard Leiji-trope…! brief though it is it made me just want to give Yama a hug… it also puts his reaction earlier in the teaser to Harlock’s unconditional acceptance of him into perspective… Can’t help thinking therefore that the choice of clips here was deliberate?

    …then there’s the Arcadia… oh mama… I don’t even notice the weird pointy bits any more – it’s just looking more awesome by the week!! That last few seconds in particular!!! Wow!! Just: Wow!

    • I swear I though the lines on Miime’s dress were part of it, and not her undergarments.

      Wouldn’t it be nice if we heard this week about international release dates?

  2. well what ever she’s wearing it’s very sheen as I can see her panties but hey we’ve got another Ardis to add tot he count.

    • … it’s just.. where it’s *pointing* to… 😉

      They need to put up that footage from the GFM teaser of Kei in the shower again…! (I noticed she’s sporting at least two scars in that – one matches the injury in her side from E/O, the other on her shoulder/upper arm is the same place she gets shot in SSX! Talk about attention to detail!!)

      • Wow, that reminds me, I need to finish SSX. I’ve got about 4 episodes left, but I don’t think she’s gotten shot so far.

        • Ooopsie… but surely there’s a statute of limitations for 31-year-old cartoon spoilers? 🙂

          You’ve got some of the best animation of the series coming up!! Especially Harlock’s character design!

        • I have to wait for last episode to get subbed. Mostly SSX hasn’t impressed me much.

          • … oh, I dunno… I’m rather impressed it lasted 22 episodes given how bad it is!! 😉

            • Yeah bit heavy on the reused footage in the first few episodes. I almost put the show down after it took me so long to get. It goes back to being a so so series but has some great bits for Harlock AMVs.
              I personally think the quest for Arcadia as a place should not have been used. I’d much rather have them more as rebles which is what they end up doing anyway.

              • It’s a fanastic piece of work for character design (the late Great Kazuo Komatsubara just excelled himself on it IMHO…) The animation can be somewhat uneven even if you take the footage from WSNA out of the equation – the original stuff can vary from practically droolsome real-as-it-gets to “did you just crayon in the Arcadia’s duststorm”?!). Then there’s the opening titles… {shudders} I still cringe… however: It also gave us the best ending sequence and theme song of any Matsumoto series ever… !

                It’s Makio Inoue’s last decent performance (you can hear his voice already giving out – by the time he’s in Legend of the Galactic Heroes 2 years later he’s unrecognisable!!) You’ve got Tohru Furya, Youko Asagami (Yuki, Selen…) Kei Tomiyama acting his socks off as Tochiro (seriously – they cast Duke frickin’ Fleed as Tochiro!!)

                But: It’s just embarassing – to go from saving the universe to saving kittens! Not that there’s any problem with saving kittens per se, but you don’t generally need a guy with god-like levels of cool to do it!! And then the ending gives us one of the most out-of-character moments for Harlock ever – seriously guys – down on bended knee like a vassel?! Are you kidding?!

                …But it must have looked so much worse at the time when you add in that it aired the same year as Space Adventure Cobra – the comparisons are NOT kind to SSX!! (Harlock travels around with a small menagerie of children and animals, isn’t shagging either of his gorgeous bridge bunnies, and keeps chasing a glowing golden ball around… contrast with James Bond crossed with Captain Jack Sparrow and Lupin, surrounded by gorgeous scantily clad babes who are all over him, plus a sassy lady-cyborg sidekick; he’s ripped to hell and fighting off space pirates, monsters, corrupt corporate execs and the ghost of Hitler on a weekly basis… 😉 At this point you need to suggest one of these characters needed a better agent!!)

                Thankfully, the new film seems to be redressing the balance somewhat… I defy Buichi Terasawa to top THIS!!

            • I guess that’s looking at the bright side. Guys, wouldn’t it be awesome if Revi showed up in the film? I’m going to write a letter to try to get Revi on the Arcadia. Who’s with me?

    • I don’t think it’s see through. It’s just a darker Ardis over a lighter color dress, no? Or is that her underwear??

  3. In this day and age when the trailers give up the whole story anyway, I don’t think this one was too bad in that regards. Looks awesome. You can really see where all the money went.

    • And yet believe it or not, the detractors online in the motherland say the opposite: that the budget obviously went all to advertising and the production value is crap. I must say though, the main Jp Harlock thread I look at had a bit of a rebellion the other day, when a couple of people starting saying outrageous stuff like: “If you hate the film so much, why don’t you stop posting on this thread?” and “I think Yama’s voice actor is actually OK” and other heretical opinions. The revolt was eventually put down.

      • …things like that remind me why I dropped out of online fandom…

        As for Yama’s VA – he’s growing on me a damn sight more than either Yamadera or Takemoto ever have! It’s not like you can call Akira Kamiya these days!

        • He definitely says the right stuff off character as well. I mean, literally humbling himself before the great gods of voice acting is the way to go.

          • Miura might have more of a range than he’s been credited with so far – his in-character voice does seem a little deeper and more confident than his normal speaking voice! (OTOH the Japanese do seem to have a more hesitant delivery when off-script, I’ve noticed!)

            • Though I think the hesitation in his “regular” voice is itself staged. He’s acting the super humble guy that is just delighted to be a part of this new world of animation. That said, I do think his regular voice is less deep.

      • From what I’ve seen from several sources, japanese online forums can be scary places!

        • I’ve never actually read through a thread that was overall positive toward the anime in discussion. I guess one day I should pick one of the popular anime and read the thread, just to see what it’s like..

  4. Satch62 from Toki No Wa is actually in Tokyo for a week and he confirms there’s no buzz about the movie…
    But today in France, what a surprise: Space Pirate Captain Harlock google ads appeared on my labtop! 🙂

  5. Sure the budget obviously went all to advertising. 😉
    Just take a look at the trucks:
    Just, wow. They must be kidding… In my opinion, zeppelins would have been better and much more appreciated by Matsumoto fans 😀

    • Zeppelins would have been great.

      OK, let me try and put the detractors’ opinions in the best possible light. Maybe what they are trying to say is that Toei spent too much money on casting Oguri and Miura for the purposes of advertising the movie through them (so that in some roundabout way the casting budget is really part of the advertising budget). That said, I think the production value looks very good.

      • I really don’t get what they are bitching about production wise it looks just as good as an Square Enix cut sceen if you ask me. And that’s sort of my water mark for CG coming out of japan it should look as good as I want the never coming Remake of FFVII to look.

        There is no way more money went into paying those two pretty boys to voice act than it had to for the company to but together a staff to animate a CG movie. Most of the time you don’t you have to build the software from the ground up to do what you need it to do. This was expensive and if fans think most of it didn’t go into animating or designing the movie itself they are just blind.

        Wait let me step back a bit and remember what I learned when I was working on a masters in Communication Arts about Movies and Advertising. In the U.S. they look at how much a movie cost to make and then divide that number in half and that’s how much more money the studio is going to shell out in advertising. So this movie cost like $30 million which means the advertising budget is about 15 million which is why we are seeing shit for it all over the place. My impression of Japan’s movie industry it that it’s sort of cheap I really don’t think they are used to high budget projects from domestic studios.

        Though i get why they are skeptic about GC in anime I’ve seen some really bad GC in TV anime even today.

        • Bad CGI? I still have Dai Yamato Zero-go to watch…!! And I’m sure we’d all like to forget the fiasco that was Queen Emeraldas!

        • Yeah, I think the anti-CG prejudice is so deep that some condemn it even when it actually looks good.

  6. And in related news, my copy of the Harlock novelization arrived, and I went ahead and read 3 pages. It’s going to be hard to resist reading the whole thing..

    • Well if you’re hellbent on avoiding spoilers, I’d make sure you don’t even *open* the artbook…!! I’m most of the way through the prologue, and I like the style so far! Flipped through the rest and thus far, some nice scenes in there!

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