Aku no Hana 04

My goodness the voice acting is good in this!!


Since there’s a gap of several hours between the “Kasuga covers for Nakamura” incident and Saeki all of a sudden thinking he’s like the coolest guy for doing so, I think there was plenty of time for the wily Nakamura to have a word with Saeki.  It seems to me that the spectacle we’re watching develop throughout this episode (Saeki+Kasuga) has really been engineered by Nakamura, and that Kasuga will soon be confronted by a horrible, bitter truth: that the woman he sees as the only stumbling block on his way to eternal happiness, Nakamura, is the one who created this “happiness,” which is thus only a mirage.  And if I’m right then when it all collapses, poor Kasuga will be asked to write an essay on it, and I guess he might this time around.

Re: Kasuga’s mom, she proves once again that anime moms are the worst ever (let’s not even start on the dads…).

We keep getting clues (as if we needed any) on Kasuga’s basic personality from the books on his shelf.  He’s got a couple of volumes of Dostoyevsky’s works (incl. Notes from the Underground), and the complete works of Sakutaro Hagiwara.  I know nothing of this Japanese poet, but just look at his face!!  [He’s also got shogi, philosophy, journalism,  and Anne of Green Gables stuff]. In short, Kasuga is somewhat smarter than most, with delusions of grandeur and not an ounce of will to get anything done, but he projects his frustration out and is resentful at everybody else but himself.  Honestly, Nakamura’s coming is pretty much a blessing to him.

The sort of perverse combos that Nakamura comes up with reminds me a lot of the very Baudelairian Α rebours, which by the way I’ve never read to the end.

~ by Haloed Bane on April 28, 2013.

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