Shin “Magritte” Shougeki! 09: INVASION

My rendering of Baron Ashura’s independent plan to invade Japan and defeat Mazinger:

Location of Ashura is pure speculation on my part...

Location of Ashura is pure speculation on my part...

I’m no strategist but this plan definitely looks cool.  The fundamentally “unreal” factor that I see is that apparently Ashura doesn’t fear Japanese airpower, otherwise they would be starting from the South up or from the North down I think.  This is where Dr. Hell’s Five Armies should be working together.  An initial run by Count Brocken’s Air Force would soften things up considerably.  But I guess the Mechanical Beasts can take it, right?

In the First Stage the Mechanical Beasts attack the three main population centers in the main island of Honshu: Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.  Ghostfire gets sent to Tokyo because this beast has maximum destructive power (nice touch!).  Then the Second Stage kicks in: the attack spreads to Kyushu and Hokkaido.  I imagine Taurus would be taking care of Kansai and Kyushu, whereas Ghostfire would ruin Tohoku and eventually Hokkaido.  Kingdan would probably hang out in central Honshu and quash any international reinforcements.

We see in this episode that Ashura activates a fourth Beast, named Vargas, but at this point it’s unclear what its role will be.  The blue dot on the map, southwest of Tokyo, is Atami.  Atami is of course where the Kurogane Household, the Photon Power Labs and Mazinger are.  The heart of the it all, or the right lung, let’s say, with Bardos Island being the left…  Ashura is sending his daughters, the Gamia sisters, to take care of THAT.

Why is the number 3 so cool?

POLIGAMIA = Polygamy = plurality of women

The scene with the Mexican giving a cab ride to the Gamia sisters is gold.  It’s also creepy and (dare I say it? yes I do!!) surrealist.  I love how the we see the same frozen image from left to right 4 times (!) before they start laughing like maniacs.

I happen to have pored and pored over René Magritte‘s for years paintings and the Gamia are so Magritte it hurts.  When I saw them just sitting there, I immediately thought of the Golconde:

it's raining men

it's raining men

Maybe you don’t see it because there’s too many of them.  How about now?

men have landed

men have landed

Now there’s three, see!!!  But they’re men, you say.  OK, how about this?

horsebells, actually

horsebells, actually

But the Gamia are women!!  Oh, now I get it.  You want three women, right?



And it seems that the next episode will have onsen fanservice, so here you go:

the frog is Boss

I think the frog is Boss

Once you superimpose all of these Magrittean images  to wit a) the number three;  b) the evening sky; c) generic modernity; d) mysterious modernity; e) women and f) blondness, what do you get?  You get this:



Their laughter is even creepier.


Recently I’ve been consuming much more manga than anime.  Looking at Shin Mazinger it makes me think the manga would be amazing, even better than the anime.  Maybe the animation here is simple (or plain bad) because this should really be a manga.  I’ve never read any Go Nagai manga but I’m getting the urge to go out and get some.

~ by Haloed Bane on June 8, 2009.

3 Responses to “Shin “Magritte” Shougeki! 09: INVASION”

  1. The scene with the Mexican giving a cab ride to the Gamia sisters is gold.

    You know it totally is. I about died at the laughing.

  2. Having not read the manga, I can’t really say, but what makes this show amazing is the directing. I think SDS says it best in his recent post on Imagawa Yasuhiro [->]

    Do watch Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Stood Still; it’s seven episodes of brilliance.

    Ashura is unafraid of non-Mazinger forces because it won’t be until Nagahama Tadao IIRC (The Super Robot ‘Romance’ Trilogy: Combattler V, Choudenji Machine Voltes V, Tossho Daimos) that conventional earth military are sent to their deaths against mechanical beasts.

    And yes, before I forget, I award this post 11 Gamias and 1 Doublas M2. Good job!

    I’m of mixed feelings should they make a ghostlightning mechanical beast.

  3. @Ryan A

    Word! Mexican kicks ass, Gamia kick ass. Everyone’s kicking it.


    11 Gamias!!! That’s way too many! The one sad thing about mechanical beasts is that they all the same single gargling sound (budget constraints?)

    Thanks for the tip on the Imagawa post. Better check Giant Robo out.

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