Jewel Pet 30: The Jewel Stick starts to show some Skillz

mini sticks

Everyone's got one...

The newly discovered superweapon of Jewel Land, the Jewel Stick, had a less than stellar debut.  All it seemed to do was increase the power of the Jewel Charm spell, used to break the Pets out of their Jewels.  Because Pet nemesis Diana had herself become a stronger magic-user throughout the show, though, this essentially meant that the Jewel Stick maintained the original balance of power between Good and Evil, nothing more.

But now everything’s changed, and the objective of this post is to record the Stick’s heretofore unknown power.  Let me describe the process as I saw and interpreted it:

a) The Jewel Stick is able to take [astral, psychical, spiritual?] impressions of any Pets around it.

b) After a period of a few days, the Jewel Stick will generate a mini Jewel Stick attuned to the Pet in question.  That is, the mini-stick is the child of the Stick and the Pet, or the impression of the Pet, in question.

c) Jewel Pets can wield these mini-sticks to summon other Jewel Pets from Jewel Land to their aid.

It's all so BE-AU-TI-FUL!!!

It's oh so Be-au-ti-ful!!

This is awesome.  As everyone knows, each Pet is associated to a particular quality that it can then impart to anyone at will.  For example, Ruby is associated with Courage, so she can grant Courage to anyone she wants.  Actually, this is a terrible example because Ruby is a terrible magic-user and her success rate hovers around 1%, but you get the drift.

The point is this: up to now, if you wanted access to a Pet’s power, you needed the Pet to be right around the corner.  Otherwise you would need to travel to wherever it was and coax it into coming over.

Now, all you need is one Pet, ideally your own if you’re a Jeweller, with its own baby Jewel Stick.  That way, you can summon any Pet instantly.

In this episode, BTW, Ruby, Sapphy and Garnet summon Peridot to use her Dream-fulfillment power.  Because this is the first instance of summoning we’ve seen, it’s not clear whether one Pet is sufficient to use this magic or whether the three Pets were actually required.  I’m leaning toward the first possibility.


Peridot, on the dot

I realize I haven’t talked about what the episode was about as such, so let me give a quick summary:

Aoi has a crush on the dude called Naoto.  Naoto likes to hide behind his work at a sushi shop and ignore her.  The Pets summon Peridot, who makes Aoi’s dream come true: the sushi belt stops working and Naoto can’t run away anymore.  He then addresses her and they start going out.  Rinko and Minami gawk at them like the fools that they are.  The end.

Pun of the Week: Aoi goes into sushi shop.  Asks Naoto what’s good to eat that day.  Naoto says “kisu”, a kind of Japanese fish.  They both blush 😉

~ by Haloed Bane on November 12, 2009.

6 Responses to “Jewel Pet 30: The Jewel Stick starts to show some Skillz”

  1. I watched that episode and it was really good. It was good to see Aoi confessing to the guy of her dreams C:

    I’ve been following the series and I guess EP 33 will debut Diana’s brother, Deian (Well the name is in Japanese so that’s what it translates) who is released in the ice prison.

    • I don’t know what’s more awesome, the fact that you’re watching the show or your scoop that oniisama is actually showing up in 2 episodes. Cheers!

      The day Rinko finds a guy and confesses to him I’ll drink a bottle of champagne to celebrate…if it happens!

  2. Jesus christ…these shits are so cute I could get diabetes…

  3. Diamond is the best Jewelpet in all world

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