P&Sw/G 12: Blush

We Remember Love’s post on this episode is so good and comprehensive that I can’t help but write my own comments as a response to it.

Ghostlightning does two things in his post: he unearths the various allusions that shape the episode, and he schematizes the oppositions that energize it.  I wouldn’t modify his scheme one bit, but I want to comment on a couple of interesting questions that arise because of it.  I’ll just borrow and paste his table:

Angels vs. Demons Panty & Stocking vs. Scanty & Kneesocks
Order vs. Anarchy Scanty & Kneesocks vs. Panty & Stocking
Church vs. State Garterbelt vs. Corset

As ghostlightning explains, these binaries deconstruct the traditional meanings associated with the concepts “angel”, “demon”, “anarchy” etc.

The first question that comes to my mind is where Garterbelt fits in the “order vs. anarchy” binary.  His job is quite literally restraining and constraining the Angels (despite his wild side which is severely repressed and only comes out incognito on occasion) and so I have to think he is on the side of order.  But if this is the case, and, after all, how couldn’t it be if the function of the Angels is to destroy disruptive ghosts?, then the binary begins to look lopsided.  The Angels might be anarchic, sure, but this is an obstacle to their promotion in life and not a viable alternative to order…or is it?

Let’s view the premise of the show like this: a repressive/repressed priest controls crazy Angels who destroy chaotic ghosts in turn supervised by Demons with a carefully laid out set of rules.  The binary here seems to be Power vs. Force in the Foucauldian sense of power as “action upon actions” (or, the organizing principle that harnesses and manipulates forces).  The Angels and the ghosts would both be on the side of Force, whereas Garterbelt, Corset and the Demon Sisters would all be on the side of Power [although as in the case of Garterbelt, both Corset and the sisters have wild sides that they are repressing].  So if you want to climb the ladder, you have to set your house in order, a mundane proposition.  The situation rather reminds of Soul Eater

The next question that comes to mind is: to what extent are Panty and Stocking different?  Is there a binary here worthy of notice?  That they are clearly different is obvious in this episode, with Stocking sent up to Heaven and Panty doomed to do another round on Daten City.  As much as we might be tempted to correlate Stocking’s gluttony with Panty’s lust, the show is telling us very clearly: no, these are different things, one is acceptable in Heaven, the other one isn’t.  What’s the meaning of this?  What is the God of this show like??

I don’t know the answer to these questions.  Let me focus now on easier stuff.

I have to say I really enjoy the use of English in this show.  The way Corset says “next” is just so funny.  I also like how they gave us extra information on all the ghosts during the sisters’ report.

The inappropriate content in this show never ceases to amaze me.  Scanty and Kneesocks’ conversation starting about minute 6 has gotta be the most perverted dialogue I’ve ever heard on a show of any kind!  It must have been great fun for the voice actresses involved, who I’m sure ended as red-faced as the characters they play.

The second half of the episode was well covered in the post at WRL so please read that.  I was shocked by Brief’s bishieness.  Shocked.  Also, I wonder if Stocking will be back next episode…

Finally, even though I complained about people immediately setting up factions, I’ll give up and rank the four combatants from most favorite to least [the list has a nice rhythm if you read it out loud, actually]:





~ by Haloed Bane on December 18, 2010.

10 Responses to “P&Sw/G 12: Blush”

  1. Thanks so much.

    I appreciate your taking the oppositions further by bringing the supervisors into the equation. Both MUST establish order for the simple reason that they exist within organizations with overarching goals.

    We can perhaps recontextualize the binaries not merely as Church vs. State bus as that of Dictatorship vs. Anarchy; a method of governance set upon a continuum of leniency.

    What do you think?

    As for Panty vs. Stocking, here’s my response to your comment on the WRL post:

    Stocking is a “partial” opposite to Panty: Gluttony over Lust, but still lustful. Kinky (BDSM) over quantity when it does come to sex. Lastly, she did fall in love, as I mentioned (with a ghost of all things) and unlike Panty — was willing to give up being an angel for love.

    Interestingly, Stocking is very critical of Panty, and is at times deferential playing the younger sister role, she is never as concerned with Panty the way Panty was when Stocking was throwing everything away for love.

    Both have self-destructive appetites, but Panty is the one more concerned for the other. All this makes for interesting contrast, but I can hardly come up with anything conclusive at this point. Perhaps if we look at Scanty and Kneesocks the opposition may yield meaningful indicators.

    Maybe you can get something more out of these observations!

    • This is the problem with order, it tends to be inescapable. Dictatorship is difficult for me, as I can see the Angels being dictatorial themselves (especially Panty).

      Stocking’s desire tends to be more sophisticated than Panty’s, that’s totally true. I think your last point is very interesting but it hurts my head to think about it: analyzing the Demon Sisters’ dynamic and seeing what it yields. I sometimes have a hard time distinguishing their voices so this complicates matters for me! But it would definitely be a fruitful enterprise I think…

  2. Re: Perverse dialog. I couldn’t help but laugh thinking about how Kneesocks is played by Fujimura Ayumi, who was also the lead character in Seikon no Qwaser earlier this year. It’s been a year of very much perverse dialog for her XD

  3. I’m actually not sure if we’re to see any difference Panty and Stocking in terms of their day to day activities. You point out the fact that Stocking went up to heaven while Panty didn’t, but it seems to me that the only reason is because the Heaven Coins were all collected by Stocking, while Panty was just off banging guys. It doesn’t really mean that heaven looks down on sex, it’s just that Panty didn’t pull her weight.

    • See, this part confused me in the episode. Initially, we get images of Panty horsing around while Stocking is collecting coins…at that point I thought exactly the way you do…But then when the announcement comes from Heaven it sounded to me like what was said was that although Panty had done enough, she was disqualified because of her carnal activities. So it wasn’t the quantity of coins but what she was up to when she wasn’t getting them that condemned her…

      • Oh oh I see. I mean all heaven really said was “FAIL” and Garterbelt pulled a little bit of interpretation there. I don’t think we ever learned why she failed according to heaven itself. Hm that just makes things more confusing then.

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