Tanks and Sexaroid Vol. III

Tank lore pops up repeatedly in the Leijiverse, often of the German Panzer variety.  Promethium has her Space Panzers, the Galaxy Railways has the Space Panzer Grenadiers, and the V2 Panzer manga features lots of—you guessed it—Panzer tanks.  The references can be (slightly) more subtle, as in the fact that Promethium’s Panzer Commander is called Leopard (= name of a German battle tank series) or that one of the planets in the 999 route is called El Alamein (= site of major tank engagements in WWII).

Volume III of Sexaroid is full of both actual tanks and subtle references to them.

The first chapter (“Imperial Brain”) deals with a supercomputer that goes rogue and tries to take over Japan.  The computer is called T-62, surely an allusion to the main Soviet battle tank of the 1960s and 1970s (the stories in this volume were first serialized at the end of the 1960s).

The second chapter (“Yaru the Plunderer”) has actual tanks.

Japan finds itself in a confrontation with the B Federation, a nation belonging to the Second Artificial Continent of the North Pacific.  According to B’s report, Japanese tanks crossed over into their territory and after several hours were completely annihilated by federation defense forces.

G Bureau’s boss tells Shima that the truth is otherwise: the B Federation ran an unprovoked airstrike against the tank groups.  To add to the tragedy, Japan’s tank force in the year 2222 had a stellar reputation both for the technology involved and the skill of its all-female operators.  [apparently the Japanese held the western coast of the continent facing Japan]  As the boss says, the victors are the ones to write the history books…and truth may lie buried forever.  According to him the total annihilation of the group is probably due to mass hysteria and loss of control on the part of the women!!

Shima and Yuki are sent to investigate.  They find the Japanese tanks destroyed without any bodies around.  They then get captured, and now Shima learns what’s really happened: a disease has struck the B Federation’s women, killing most of them.  Now there’s but one woman for every 10,000 men.  The federation’s border troops knew that the Japanese tank force stationed next to them was all-female, and they were incensed by the fact that the tank ladies would make flags out of their underwear.  So they attacked the tank group, took the women, and reported to the central government that they had been attacked by Japan and had killed all of the invaders!  The border officers hope the conflict will escalate into full war, and trust that their government will thank them once all Japanese women have been brought over to the B Federation.

On his way to rescue Yuki from one of the B officers, Shima manages to spend some quality time with one of the Japanese captives, who is too ashamed to reveal her name.  She helps them escape, and begs Shima to tell Japan that they all died in battle.  She then blows B Federation’s mobile HQ up.  The Japanese hand the B government a vaccine for their women and everything ends well…

The eighth chapter (“Iras from the Sahara”) practically takes place inside a tank.  A new 60-ton Japanese tank powered by a cosmonite engine disappears in the Sahara desert.  Since the tank’s homing signal is still active and yet nothing is visible in the proper location, the G Bureau concludes the tank must have fallen into a fourth dimension.  Shima goes in to retrieve the prototype.  He finds that the women of the fourth dimension, where men are very scarce, have made an interdimensional hole in order to snatch men from our own world.  At first he is taken prisoner, but he manages to escape and send 5 soldiers (Japan’s enemies, who are interested in stealing the tank) into the fourth dimension.  It is clear the men will die from exhaustion through being forced to please all the ravenous women.

Sexaroid began its first volume with the Japanese government’s implementation of the Kamiyo Plan, whose object was to relocate the entire population of Japan to outer space.  This plan was abandoned and replaced by the Yayoi Plan, which involved staying on Earth but mining and developing the amazing properties of cosmonite in order to secure Japanese prosperity.

In true Sexaroid style, the Yayoi Plan abruptly ends in this volume when Japan decides to put all of its cosmonite on a cosmonite warhead and send it straight to the planet where the cosmonite is mined.  At a single stroke all the cosmonite in the universe is annihilated.  We are not told why the plan was stopped or by whom.  And our hero, G Bureau’s Shima, doesn’t care.  We’ll see what sort of plan surfaces in Volume IV…

~ by Haloed Bane on April 20, 2011.

4 Responses to “Tanks and Sexaroid Vol. III”

  1. What do the words Kamiyo and Yayoi mean? Is Yayoi the same as in Queen Millennia’s name?

    Re: cosmonite annihilation, that’s what the government says. In actual fact it was all stolen, along with the whole planet, and I know who did it.

    • Kamiyo means “age of the gods”. It’s the mythical time before Japan received its first Emperor from Heaven (in 660 BC according to tradition).

      Yayoi is an actual prehistorical period in Japan (300 BC -> 300 AD). It comes from the name of a district in Tokyo. And the name of the district comes from the old name for the third month in the Japanese calenda,r “Yayoi”, which means something like “increasing life”. Queen Millennia’s name is the same as this (it’s a relatively common first name in Japan).

      Who stole it? Don’t tell me it was the cosmonauts?? Scheming Soviets 😀

      • What? No, it was a certain Deathshadow… Tochiro and Harlock grab all cosmonite and turn the planet into the Pirate Island and that’s how the Arcadia is invincible and nobody knows why 😀

        • That does make sense. I’m disappointed that my cosmonite-cosmonaut connection isn’t as strong a theory 😦

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