Ben-To 10 / Persona 4 11: Snippets

Ben-To 10

This episode was OK.  Truth is I reckon if it had come about 5 weeks ago I would have liked it much more.  Now that I’m so sick of the Kyo twins they kinda taint everything they show up in.  BTW, isn’t Yarizui losing a bit of her spark?  I find myself liking Shaga more now.  Anyway, it seems there are 2 episodes left and it looks like tons of batting will occur so I’ll be looking forward to that.  That’s all I’ll say about this.

Persona 4 11

The animation held up well in this episode.  There are lots of things happening now and what I’m starting to realize is that soon we’ll get to the point where I stopped playing the game.  I’m really curious to see how it will all turn out.

Anyway, Kuma’s makeover is a surprise, isn’t it?  My jaw dropped when I arrived at this scene in the game, I remember.  And BTW the male-to-female ratio in this show is so well balanced.  So many anime these days don’t even try anymore.

We need a study on Yuu’s speech in this show.  He is truly a Daoist sage!  The contrast with Yosuke is sharp.  ALTHOUGH, at the very end he seems totally shaken when it looks like the crime spree has ended and his little sleuthing team might be disbanded.  Is he really a softie at heart??  I guess we’ll find out eventually.  Honestly, Yuu, it’s great to have so many girls interested in you, but shouldn’t you actually be trying to date at least one of them?  You never know when your luck will change!!

Again, nobody made fun of Kanji in this episode.  With hindsight, can we say that the critics on the Kanji issue early on overreacted??  (Maybe they’ve all dropped the show so it’s a moot issue).

Creepy dude is creepy.  It goes to show you how strong Nanako is.  Contrast her reaction at the supermarket to the little boy crying over Kuma’s discarded head [a situation that sounds creepy now that I wrote it but isn’t at all…I think]

Naoto: Rise and Fall of the Child Detective

The one thing that I don’t like in this episode is the new teacher.  The voice-acting was overdone.  Also, I’m kind of upset at Rise’s disparagement of English learning.  She’s totally right, she can hire an interpreter if she needs one and get by with that, but she’ll never get as clear a picture as if she learned the language herself!!  Hers is a common attitude in Japan, though.

~ by Haloed Bane on December 16, 2011.

5 Responses to “Ben-To 10 / Persona 4 11: Snippets”

  1. I thought 10 was awesome and totally made up for the last 2 eps (which it seems to imply we can forget every happened, by the way). The fight scene was something truly memorable, with one of the most painful finishing moves I’ve witnessed in some time. I should’ve written a post about it…

    • The question now is what happens next. If it keeps up the tension it’ll be great. I just don’t like them sisters, but it was a nice scene to see Sen end up like that. Let’s hope the show ends like it began, with a bang.

  2. The twins are fine now that we’ve gotten into the meat of their role IMO. The problem was that the first episode to feature them prominently was slow, then after it ended with a promise of something big happening we got a filler episode the next week.

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