Ben-To 11 / Persona 4 12: Glitz and Twists

Ben-To 11

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode.  The sound-master for this show is a genius.  Ume showed up for about 5 seconds and that’s just perfect for this show.  She brings her cool bgm in, says a couple of lines, and then clears out.  The Tokiwa supermarket jingle is awesome, the fighting music is awesome, etc etc.

The flashback scene with the baby twins was so nicely done.  Again, the music was superb, but also the glowing effect..  I actually enjoyed the twins this episode.  Their dynamic finally clicked for me.

And of course the whole thing was hilarious.  Oshiroi and Sato are the biggest perverts in the world.  They each have their special way of being perverted, so it keeps things interesting.  The voice acting is key here.  I haven’t mentioned it at all but everyone does a great job in this show with their voices.

The final episode is going to be good.  I’m hoping that somehow Shaga will emerge the victor.  There’s a chance, isn’t there?!  Also, will we get to see the busty girl’s face??  I can’t wait!

Persona 4 12

How low-budget can you get?!  This show is literally getting painful to watch…I don’t mean the plot but the actual visuals.

About the plot, the twist halfway surprised me a lot… in a positive way.  I was getting really bored of depressed Yuu [depressed Yuu = boring] but then of course he turned out to be inside some sort of nightmare and that made it interesting.  The way this episode is arranged it’s really hard to tell what actually happened, what was only a nightmare, and what if anything might have been both fact and dream.  The important point is that Yuu has still lots of friends because he’s cool and he doesn’t get depressed…I mean seriously, if he started getting depressed like that all his friends would leave him.

Although there’s still stuff that I played in the game that has still to show up, I think this is as far as I got in the main storyline.  I have no clue what happens next 😀

~ by Haloed Bane on December 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “Ben-To 11 / Persona 4 12: Glitz and Twists”

  1. Personally, I found the transition between the confrontation in the TV world and the illusion kind of awkward. I was actually wondering if there had been some sort of mistake and I’d somehow ended up watching parts of two different episodes merged together or something. Maybe the abruptness should have been a clue…

    • I don’t know, I was totally confused as well. I’m still confused. I guess the lesson is: Yuu is so cool the only way people don’t like him is if it’s in dreams and illusions.

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