Konna no Idol Janain?! 08: Toast

As the rainy season begins, Sensei notices that the girls’ hair is all messed up.  The girls immediately start fixing themselves but Sensei says it’s too late to do so.

Sensei announces that she’ll change the syllabus for the day [Umika is shocked: there is an actual syllabus?!] and decides to teach them how to be late, properly late, as in the anime dojikko clumsy running late style.

According to Sensei, the most appealing thing about a schoolgirl being late to school is when she is munching down on something as she goes, and there is no more appropriate food product for a girl to stick in her mouth at this critical juncture than a slice of toasted bread.

One of the girls is forced to actually run with her bread in her mouth.  Since she has made the unfortunate mistake of choosing a really fat slice (from a loaf cut into just 4 slices!) she almost suffocates while running…

For the second part of the lesson, Sensei trains the girls in the art of doing hot bath TV commercials.  For this training no actual water is needed.  A true idol should be able to simulate being in a hot bath at will.  To show this, Sensei has Umika step into an imaginary hot bath of 55 °C degrees and act accordingly.  Poor Umika overdoes it and gets scolded.  It’s really hard to tell what Sensei wants…  Anyway, Sensei shows the proper method, going out of her way to “splash” the “hot water” and “scald” the other girls.

Next episode will be about pretending to get along with each other, which is of course a crucial element in any idol group’s art.  I hear that the show will run for 12 episodes..  Will there be a final arc???

~ by Haloed Bane on March 3, 2012.

9 Responses to “Konna no Idol Janain?! 08: Toast”

  1. That “running with toast” convention has been used by a couple of different shows this season. In one case I joked that one of the girls in the show’s main trio was obviously smarter than the other two because she was running with her toast in her hand rather than trying to run with it in her mouth. In another case it was done with a group of high school boys -only it was just the first boy who had toast, the other two showed up with a plate of leftover curry and a bowl of ramen noodles.

    • But the thing is that the bread in the mouth has more of a visual impact than bread in the hand. And according to Sensei if the bread has strawberry jam it’s even better.

      • So what are Sensei’s thoughts on the visual impact of slurping a bowl of noodles while running? 😛

        • She’s a purist in this regard: toast or bust.

          • You know I’m not normally too big a fan of this kind of stuff but someone seriously needs to try doing a variation on this convention using taiyaki…

            • Oh goodness, taiyaki. When I lived in Japan my local train station was 2 minutes away from a taiyaki shop. An amazing taiyaki shop. People would line up for half an hour or more sometimes. I was told by the locals that the taiyaki mom and pop had actually won the lottery years earlier, taken a year or two off from the taiyaki business, and then gone right back into it. I miss that taiyaki. It pains me.

  2. It is like Aya is a living Konata from Lucky Star these days.

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