Mysterious Girlfriend X 08: Reversible Reactions

Tsubaki’s dream at the beginning, if you really think about it, is more of a prophecy than a regular dream.  I mean, Urabe doesn’t undress or anything.  She gives Tsubaki permission to touch her chest (with the implication that he had asked for that permission earlier) and he goes and does it.  This isn’t like a sexy dream at all!  BTW, if anyone can figure out the meaning behind the dream image of pigs with numbers on them doing a merry-go-round I’d love to hear about it (the numbers are written in the traditional style too~).

After the first 5 minutes, I was expecting it’d be the first so-so episode for me.  But I ended up loving it.  There’s so much here…

I forget now which blogger was debating back and forth last week the issue of Urabe and Oka’s chest size.  It really is impossible to tell which one is bigger, as the items inflate and deflate depending on the situation (Urabe seems huge in this episode).  Ultimately, I don’t think we’re supposed to compare and contrast them so much as just appreciate their gravitational pull in the story, which is incommensurable.

This episode really pushes the idea of destiny.  The dream is a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts, as Tsubaki wouldn’t have dared ask what he did if it weren’t for the dream.  But the fact that he somehow managed to reach her home is, well, destiny.  Unless of course, it was an educated guess.  He might have heard from Urabe one or two hints about her home and then his brain might have linked them together subconsciously and brought him here.  This stuff does happen…

Tsubaki’s home visit is very interesting.  He starts off doing what 99% of boys in that situation will do: offer to carry the girl’s bags.  And the girl refuses.  Most girls refuse at this point.  I mean, the bags aren’t heavy at all obviously.  Doing the exchange would be rather awkward and not worth the relief of not having to carry the bags.  Plus boys are clumsy and if there are eggs in there they might end up breaking them, and so on and so forth.  I’ve always wondered if this offer (when rejected) scores a boy some points, or rather makes him lose points (or is it neutral??)

Once inside Urabe’s room, Tsubaki sniffs her bed.  Now, I don’t think 99% of boys do this.  It’s a pretty reckless and pervy venture.  I was a bit surprised by Tsubaki doing this here, honestly.  Seemed out of character.

After this we enter fully into a fantasy world.  Tsubaki is his ridiculously frank and open self. confessing his dream.  Urabe doesn’t kick him out of he house but instead lets him feel her chest by saliva proxy.  A tear of happiness streams out of Tsubaki’s eye.  Urabe then fulfills the dream by letting him feel the real thing.  Tsubaki goes berserk mode again (he tends to do this every so often), jumps Urabe and licks her ear.  A tear streams out of Urabe’s eye.

Tsubaki’s move is genius, and I wonder where the hell he learned it, since I don’t think Cinema Walk magazine or his friend Ueno would tell him about it…  Anyway, there’s clearly a connection between the two ears.  Tsubaki is so dull, however, that he doesn’t realize that Urabe’s tear is a joyous one just as his was.  (I guess there’s the question of whether Tsubaki’s feelings, through his licking, seeped through to Urabe or not.  It all comes to the same result though.)  In any case, Tsubaki flees the scene just as many boys in this situation would.

We have some major genital imagery going on here.  Look at the shot of Tsubaki earlier as he was walking unawares to Urabe’s apartment complex:

You can see a representation of the female genitalia, with pubic hair (bushes, flowers) and the vagina.  Now below is the same image when Tsubaki is returning.

The dripping wet “genitals” tell us that Urabe is excited.  Tsubaki of course remains clueless.

The focus on genitals continues the next day when Urabe reveals her feelings to Oka.  I loved this scene because it shows the mysterious girlfriend opening up and becoming less of an anti-social psycho~  When Oka squarely asks Urabe what happened yesterday, Urabe is kind of coy, but the “camera” focuses on a tree trunk as she talks, tilting from the roots all the way to the top.  Urabe has male genitals on her mind perhaps…

Then we get this shot of Urabe’s legs as soon as Oka mentions the key word “sensation”:

Then it’s Oka’s turn to move her legs, and even bring her hands into it:

We can see from the blackboard that the day’s science class (very appropriately) deals with reversible reactions (可逆反応).  We’ve seen these reactions take place throughout the series, and with the two tears in this episode as well.  Urabe triggers certain feelings in Tsubaki, and then Tsubaki’s feelings replicate themselves in Urabe.  These reactions go back and forth.

The slapping business at the end strikes me (pun intended) as utterly Japanese.  The Japanese love to ask for this sort of mini-punishments for misdeeds.  I myself find the whole deal rather silly, but then again, I’m not Japanese 😀  I think Tsubaki did have a great, manly line at the end about how he didn’t want Urabe’s face to be hurt in any way.

~ by Haloed Bane on May 30, 2012.

4 Responses to “Mysterious Girlfriend X 08: Reversible Reactions”

  1. Awesome post is awesome!

    This episode had me hooked because I think it’s hilarious the way men always want to grab girl boobs. I loved that she was all like “yeah do it” and then he took it even further with that…. awesome ear licking… Imagine if he had the balls to keep going or to at least stick around and not run away after he saw her tears. That conversation would have been so awesome.

    Ah this relationship progression has me on my seat with anticipation every freaking episode. I haven’t felt this way about a romantic couple anime in a very long time~ So refreshing.

    • If he had stuck around after the ear licking I don’t think it’s a conversation they would have had 😀

  2. […] first part of this post comes from straight from animekritik, who was musing about the strange imagery at the beginning of episode 8, of eight pigs spinning around, with Chinese characters (outdated in […]

  3. […] first part of this post comes from straight from animekritik, who was musing about the strange imagery at the beginning of episode 8, of eight pigs spinning around, with Chinese characters (outdated in […]

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