Mysterious Girlfriend X 09: Anything but a Hairy Situation

We begin with Urabe getting up on a school day, butt-nookie, which detail tells us two striking things in a Japanese schoolgirl context: 1) She doesn’t care for fashion and can resist buying cute jammies and 2) The power relationship in her household is such that her parents don’t ever barge in uninvited.  The clock read 8 o’clock.  This is way late!!  I bet you she’s supposed to be in school by 8:15 or 8:20, though classes won’t start till 9.  The thing that caught my attention here is how well the art quality has held up so far.  The series has quite a solid budget, it seems.

I loved this episode, but as one who has constantly been bringing up shojoesque themes in this show I must admit that I might have been on the wrong track after all.  Episode 9 is a celebration of possessiveness in relationships, an almost creepy portrayal of an ideal relationship.  The vibes I’m getting right now are not only not shojo, they’re almost anti-shojo.  As soon as Tsubaki summoned inside his brain that dread of other people liking the new Urabe he should have been punished by the drama gods and forced to endure a rival or two.  Or better, Tsubaki should have been enraged.  But it didn’t happen.  Instead, Tsubaki was rewarded by his possessiveness!

The way it all plays out is from there is pretty wonderful.  Oka’s antics, the photographs, the Urabe-clone idol, the reappearance of the scissors at the end…  And throughout we get a great soundtrack and some fantastic background art and lighting.  The word “art” really comes to mind when I think of this show.  It truly is very artful.

So what we have so far here is a show without conflict.  The guy got the girl in the first episode and he hasn’t truly been challenged ever since (except for the shadows created by his own insecurities).  It’s a bit of a unusual situation, but anyway it’s definitely the best current anime I’ve seen in quite a long time~

~ by Haloed Bane on June 6, 2012.

3 Responses to “Mysterious Girlfriend X 09: Anything but a Hairy Situation”

  1. I love how every question Urabe asks Tsubaki is a loaded question and he REALLY has to think about what to answer. even if it’s the right or wrong answer chances are Urabe is still going to kick his ass in one way or another with those scissors XD

    If it wasn’t for space brothers airing at the same time I’d agree that this is the best current airing show. it’s totally my second favourite of spring that’s for sure!

    • “every question Urabe asks Tsubaki is a loaded question and he REALLY has to think about what to answer.”

      Honestly, though, that’s exactly how a lot of men feel in relationships :/

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