Ikki Tousen Chapter 134 Translation



This chapter picks up things right after page 10 in ch. 133, which Yagyuu shockingly crashing the Seito warrior’s abode.

“Good-”  “afternoon,” she says.  Ryuubi very politely inquires: “Uhhhmmm” “Who are you, miss?”  Chouhi is rather rude: “Huh?!”  Then Chouhi points at Yagyuu (even more rude!) and says “You…”  “You…”  But Yagyuu has recognized her as well so she points right back and shouts, “Good…”  “Good for nothing Chouhi?!”

And so it seems that everyone in Western Japan knows one another.  Hm.


The blurb page has a teaser comment: “Mitsuyoshi Yagyuu, just arrived at Seito, recognizes Chouhi’s face…”  The historical blurb here is on the ancient Japanese nation of Yamatai and its connection to the queen/sorceress Himiko.


Flashback time: the setting is Yamato Academy (Middle School section).  A bunch of girls are ordering stuff from Yagyuu: “Hey pawn.”  “Go and get us some milk.”  “And I want a melonpan.”  “A Pocari for me.”

Poor Yagyuu ends buying lots.  She thinks: “Ugh.”  “This sucks.”  She starts running.  “But..”  As the E rank that I am”  “it’s not like I can rebel against them.”

Next she runs into two girls beating a third.


“You brat!” they’re telling the girl whose ass they’re whipping, “How long are you going to resist?”

Yagyuu sees them.  “Oh man.”  “Those two..”  “are at it again, huh.”

The girl being beaten is Chouhi.  She remains defiant: “Hey!”

In the face of that, Yagyuu thinks: “She’s pretty amazing for an E rank.”  “No, actually..”  “it’s dumb.”

Chouhi sniggers: “Hehe”  “hehe”.  Then she slumps to the ground.


Back to Seito’s refuge.  It looks like Yagyuu was telling this story of how they first met to everyone.  I’m guessing the old man is the one that cackles: “Ha ha ha ha.”  “That’s quite different from”  “that heroic epic you told us before, huh, Chouhi.”

The old man turns to Yagyuu: “She said she was undefeated.”  “That people used to say ‘Nara has Chouhi’ and cower in fear.”  Yagyuu’s comment is simply: “No such thing.”  “But the,” the old man keeps going, “the term ‘good for nothing’ doesn’t cut it, she was ‘less than nothing.'” (There’s a pun in the original, fwiw).

[So evidently Yagyuu and Chouhi went to school in Nara province, not so far from Osaka, which is kind of an obvious locale because the old Japanese kingdom, along with Himiko, was supposed to be based there.]

Ryuubi comes to her friend’s rescue: “B-”  “But.”  “Chouhi didn’t give up even though she kept losing.  That’s admirable.”  She holds Chouhi’s hands and adds: “You are weak,”  “but I respect you for that.”  Chouhi quips: “That’s not a compliment,”  “you know.”


Chou’un brings the conversation around to more serious matters.  “So..”  “To sum up the discussion so far:”  “someone has sent an appeal by e-mail”  “to all of the Special A rank warriors”  “scattered around the famous schools in the Kansai region” “urging everyone to hunt for magatamas under the pretext of testing their own strengths…”  “In other words, to do an expedition against us ‘barbarians’ in the Kanto region.”  “And that person is Yamato Academy’s eleventh-grader”  “Himiko…”

The young guy says: “So…does that mean that by now Kan’u..”  Yagyuu responds: “Hmmm”  “Who knows.”  Ryuubi tries another question: “So these eastern expedition warriors..”  “What kind of people are they?”  Yagyuu says: “Hmm”  “Actually”  “I don’t really know myself.”


Yagyuu is still talking, while we see the very nice bullet train that the western warriors took East.  “The day when the expedition set out, us at the middle school had exams”  “so they all went without me.”

[Does that mean Yagyuu is the only middle schooler chosen, and everyone else is a high schooler??  I guess it does.]

Chouhi interrupts: “Ha!”  “You lie.”  Didn’t you say only the strongest warriors get invitations?”  “Why would an E ranked pawn like yourself…”  “And actually your whole story sounds suspicious to me..”

Chouhi is about to go off on a rant when Yagyuu simply says: “Ah, that’s coz I’m a Special A rank now.”  Chouhi goes: “What?!”  She then says “Come on now.”  “You’re a great big liar, huh.”  But she’s sweating a bit, which is manga code for OMG I hope she’s not telling the truth.

Chou’un says: “As for this girl’s ability”  “I can vouch for it.”  Chouhi is shocked: “Oh.”

Yagyuu says: “Ah.”  “Seconds please, good for nothing.”  Then Shokatsuryou joins in the fun: “Seconds please..”  “Good for nothing.”  The old man chimes in “I want seconds too, good for nothing.”


Chouhi is still upset: “Damn that brat.”  “Honestly”  “it’s enough to make me go insane.”  She’s talking to Shokatsuryou, whose hair she is washing (or maybe she’s just thinking this to herself).

She thinks “I can’t allow her to stir things up like that anymore.”  “I have to get rid of her fast…”  Then the sliding door opens and in comes Yagyuu, saying “Hello~”


Chouhi screams at her: “What’s wrong with you?!”  Who told you it was OK to just waltz in here too?!” Yagyuu just says: “Whatever, whatever” and promptly slips on a soap bar and comes crashing down.

Outside the bath house, Chou’un is talking things over with old man.  “What do you think”  “about that girl, Chou’un?”

Chou’un says: “Right.”  “I believe that it is very likely that she truly doesn’t know any more about what’s happening.”

The old man says: “No, no.”  What I wanted to know was”  “if you think you could have beaten her or not.”  Chou’un falls silent.


Finally, Chou’un says “No…”  “And that makes”  “the situation far more serious.”  “Yeah,” replies the old man.

He looks at the sky.  “Then”  “if things keep going the way they are, the next will be…”  And he doesn’t finish his sentence but Chou’un agrees: “Yes.”

Finally we see a shot of Kyoshou Academy and the narrator teases us with the words “Danger is closing in on Sousou…”  “Will assassins come to Kyoshou as well?!”



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