Aku no Hana 06

Wow, so Saeki’s stated reason for dating Kasuga is…that there’s a lot of stuff he knows that the others don’t.  She might be a nerd-fetishist, who knows??


Kasuga is on cloud nine and being such an arrogant little p***k about it.  Does he honestly think that Saeki has “seen into his soul” and that’s why she likes him.  There’s a huge gap in his thinking about himself and the world around him.  On the one hand, he feels different and better than all of the commoners, on the grounds of special qualities that almost by definition would make him feared and reviled if they were known.  And yet, he’s in love with this girl who seems to represent more than anything the commonness of life (and that’s why Kasuga loves her).  But then by his own interpretation of things, the only way Saeki (the angel of the mundane) could ever love him, would be by completely misunderstanding him.  Which is not to say this would-be archdevil is supposed to give up on her.  Not at all.  Devils want their angels, but they know that must force and deception to enslave them, not (duh) open up their hearts to them.  And that’s what Nakamura doing for Kasuga now.  Setting this all up and validating, at some fundamental level, the lad’s conception of himself.  He just doesn’t know it yet.

Very little time elapsed in this episode, but it packed such a punch!!  By the way, I totally get the feeling this Kinoshita character could turn (horribly) important later on.

~ by Haloed Bane on May 12, 2013.

5 Responses to “Aku no Hana 06”

  1. I wish I good talk about this show in good faith but, well, I’ve read the manga.

    Still, I don’t think it’s spoilery to say that, for all that is such a, such a… complete and utter fucking twerp, all of the time, JESUS CHRIST, I still find Kasuga to be… not exactly the most relatable so much as the most empathiseable character.

    Everyone is broken here, but Kasuga’s own brand of introverted fracture is more… inviting? Welcoming? Than the violent, scheming, aggressive sort manifested by others. It’s a Shinji vs. Asuka sort of thing, I guess.

    • I like that we get a mix of broken characters. Kasuga by himself would be boring as hell, but in the mix he’s very interesting.

  2. Kasuga mixes incredible social stupidity with astonishing naivete and contempt for others who do not share his enlightened intellectual pursuits. Surely a recipe for disaster when in the hands of Nakamura.

    I’m patiently waiting for the uniform to show up in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s bound to happen soon.

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